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Key Issues

Here are the key issues I will fight for

Protecting our Freedoms/Government

Our precious freedoms must be protected. The right to own property, freedom of speech and assembly, the right to bear arms, our religious liberty and the right to life are all at stake and are in danger. I will work hard to protect these freedoms. Our government is to be by the people. We the people ARE the government and keeping it small is the key. Government should have no further reach than is absolutely required to serve the needs of the people.


Business, Economy & Taxes

Ours is one of the top state economies in the U.S. We need to continue our efforts to keep it that way and improve it. Our business-friendly government is key, as is our promoting of entrepreneurship. Keeping taxes low attracts businesses and improves our way of life.


Managing our growth is critical. Infrastructure and road projects must stay ahead of the growth. We must guard our precious water and improve our air quality, so growth does not worsen conditions.


My wife is a former teacher in Utah public schools, so I know first-hand of the needs for good teachers and the challenges they have. I support educational choice and I believe teachers are molding our future. We must find ways to reward and pay them enough to attract them and keep them.



Utah’s healthcare is a model for the U.S. Let’s keep it that way. Government paid healthcare is a socialist trap and would increase the real cost of healthcare while eroding the quality of care.

Covid-19 Strategies

With vaccines being distributed now, we are on the cusp of the end of Covid restrictions. There are still significant cases, but a very low mortality rate. Keep schools & classrooms open. Let’s be wise and follow suggested precautions. But it’s very close to time for businesses to reopen and/or resume full service.

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